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A reading could be your catalyst to making life more joyful, fulfilling and purpose-led.
All you need is an open heart and the courage to truly listen within.


My intuitive Tarot readings have empowered clients with insights and actions they can take to make their lives more fulfilling and purposeful. My style is straightforward – this means zero BS or unnecessary sugar coatings.

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What People Say

“Your reading was exceptionally insightful in that you brought my attention to the things that were actually hindering me. The type of things that we can often be blind to, because we are too close to the situation.” 

Paulein N.

“What I most appreciated about Meiyan’s reading was her ability to tell me the outcome of my love life in the immediate future in regards to circumstances I NEVER expected. Her reading rings true 100%.”

Nikki M.

I ruminate, a lot


  • Your Weekly Forecast: 7 to 13 December 2020
    This week’s collective Tarot reading will be done a little bit differently. These three cards from the Wild Unknown Tarot deck lent themselves to a neat narrative that I’d be remiss to not share. Let’s go.
  • How I Changed the Dialogue in My Head
    Personal experience has taught me that there is no single tool to reframe the inner dialogue. Transformation has to happen mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Here’s my experience.
  • Your Weekly Forecast: 30 November to 6 December 2020
    After feeling the collective anxiety in the recent past, I’d say the cards for the coming week’s collective Tarot reading are such a breath of fresh air. New beginnings beckon and at the right time too, as we all start to set our sights on 2021.


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