Reviewed: Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT)

I almost chickened out of it. There were so many doubts. Is it all baloney? Or is there some real benefit to QHHT and past life regression?

[Note: This post relates my personal experience and is in no way a benchmark for what you will experience in your own QHHT session because everyone is unique.]

The idea of past life regression has always intrigued me because I often question my life purpose. I was also curious – do I really have past lives? Do I really want to know what sort of lives I led if it were true? How do past lives affect my current lifetime?

While my curious journalistic side was pumped, I was apprehensive because it involved hypnosis. As someone who’s pretty controlling, I didn’t think I could be put under hypnosis at all. (Fact is other than mentally challenged individuals, everyone can be hypnotised. Go google it.)

After lots of reading and consideration however, I decided to give it a go as part of my journey of spiritual self-discovery. What harm could it do besides making a tiny hole in my pocket?

More specifically, I chose to undergo QHHT, a technique that puts you in a natural state that you experience daily (the moment before you wake up and right before you fall asleep). Despite my analytical nature, I decided to go with the flow of things and just embrace what may turn up during the session.

How it worked

I was given a form to fill in and submit prior to the day itself. This was where I listed my top concerns or any health issues. At the start of the session, you will have an in-depth chat with your therapist so he or she can have a better idea of your life and guide the session.

I didn’t (couldn’t) watch the clock but I suppose the hypnosis part of it lasted just about an hour or hour and a half. I was completely awake and in control of my actions. After going through three lifetimes, the therapist helped me access my “spirit guide” for questions.

Mentally, I found the session intense and came out with a splitting headache. My therapist assured me this was normal due to the immense information download. There was a post-hypnosis review and I was handed a sound recording of the session. My therapist also emailed me some notes after for clarity.

Here are my takeaways from my very first QHHT session. These are honest thoughts and I most certainly don’t expect everyone to agree with them.

  1. Was I blown away? Not really.
    I was glad I was awake throughout and was aware of my actions. On the flip side though, a lot of the things that I voiced didn’t seem new. It felt like affirmations of what I already knew in my heart. As such, I am still not sure if it was an authentic sub-conscious experience. Perhaps I needed to let go even more.
  2. It takes a while to get into the groove of things
    My eyes were closed. I was asked to imagine myself floating away on a cloud, and then descend to a suitable lifetime. When I descend, I should start describing my footwear, clothes, the environment, etc. For the first few minutes I felt stuck. Instead of a movie, I was seeing snapshots, landscapes and found it hard to zoom into details. Visuals were foggy and I felt like I was referencing some movies. A good sense of imagination is really vital and you do need to keep talking to make this a fruitful session. Whether or not the scenes you describe are indeed past lives doesn’t really matter ultimately.
  3. I found out I was a Baby Soul.
    My “spirit guide” (or Sub-Conscious) said I had less than 10 lifetimes under my belt. Some people have had hundreds of lifetimes before this one so relatively speaking, I am still a greenhorn in the great scheme of things. People in this stage are still grappling with their earthly existence and aren’t so concerned with setting personal motives or agendas. This revelation was cute, and sort of explained why I’ve always felt like an observer in many situations. Also, people in this soul stage tend to have pretty boring lives (no dramatic, traumatic stuff) which offers a safe stable environment for getting used to life on earth.
  4. Was it helpful? Sort of.
    Know that I did not come into this in an attempt to solve any complicated or traumatic life problems. I was curious and wanted to know my life purpose. While I did not unearth fresh insights nor could I verify if the imageries I cooked up during the session were authentic or my imagination, it honestly did not matter. It affirmed that my current actions were on the right track and I was focusing on the right priorities.

I probably won’t put myself in another hypnosis session anytime soon. Personally, I’ve come to realise that as long as I set the right intentions for the highest good and follow through with action, this is as close to an enlightened life as I’ll ever lead.

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