Top Tarot Myths Busted

Like many people, I had my misgivings about the tarot before. But I believe it’s high time to set the record straight on what the tarot is, and isn’t.  Also, free reading at the end of the post.

Myth #1: Tarot tells you the future

Fact: This is complete nonsense. Even the most highly regarded psychics will hesitate to divulge the details of your future because it makes you a passive character in your life story. Despite the energies at work, everyone has the free will to tweak their life course, avoid pitfalls and embrace positive changes.

Important: The tarot is not a doctor who makes medical diagnosis, a lawyer who can work out your legal problems or a magician that makes your problems go away. No one’s going to tell you when you will die or win the lottery. Instead, tarot makes you a pro-active participant in creating your best life.

Sometimes, in a detailed spread, the tarot clues you in on inevitable events, like an end to a marriage and a job that’s going nowhere. Regardless, know that the tarot and a good reader will always channel advice that is for your highest good, and opinions will be framed and received in a positive context.

Myth #2: Tarot is scary or (gasp) evil!

Fact: Listen, the tarot deck is just print on paper. And very often, they are beautiful works of art – the earliest decks can be found in some museums. However, I concede that there are cards that can throw people off – like “death”, “devil”, “tower” and ever annoying “three of hearts”. But instead of associating these cards with doom and gloom, we can learn from them the sub-conscious reasons that are holding us back from achieving what we want. There are also really positive cards that we can meditate on every day.

Myth #3: Whatever the tarot reader says will come true

Fact: See #1 (If the tarot reader tells you that your marriage is suffering for instance, will you just sit on your ass and do nothing? Most of us will proactively try to make things better, and that’s the best outcome you can get from a reading – awareness and effort.)

Myth #4: I’m not facing any crisis so the tarot isn’t useful

Fact: The tarot is one of the best and easiest ways one can navigate life’s stresses. You don’t need a problem to get in touch with your spiritual self. When I get anxious about work, I often pull a couple of cards to put things back into perspective (or more accurately, stop my negative self-talk from spiralling out of control). It may sound incredible but the cards can give you the best pep talk you need on any given day.

There are tons more misconceptions out there, but I know for a fact that these four are probably the most common of the lot. In time and with more experience, I’ll try to delve into the others.

Limited: Free Tarot Reading

As an earnest learner of the tarot (and I’ve grown bored of reading for myself), I’ve been giving readings to friends and loved ones to hone my skills. Now, I’m taking the leap to offer it to anyone who wishes to be my “guinea pig”. Rest assured that all readings are kept confidential.

Send your question to with some details about the issue that’s bugging you, and I’ll try my best to help. Please avoid “yes/no” or “will xxx happen” sort of questions – again, back to the idea of proactiveness. If you need help re-framing your question, free free to let me know. 🙂

While I am not asking for monetary payment in return, I’ll greatly appreciate your feedback on the reading as a form of energy exchange.

Thanks everyone!



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