Your Weekly Forecast: 19 to 25 October 2020

Energies for the week appear to be big, judging from the three Major Arcana cards that popped up for this collective Tarot reading. This is an opportune time to “lie low” and work on yourself. Let this week be a quiet one.

Left: Temperance

Don’t be hasty in drawing conclusions and try to see matters from different perspectives. Avoid drawing absolutes like “win/lose”, “right/wrong”, “beautiful/ugly”. Many times, things are not clear cut like this. Just sleep on things before you open your mouth and potentially say something that you can’t take back.

Middle: Judgement

Quit hanging on to your previous failures – or even getting on your colleagues’ back for mistakes. By focusing on the past, there’s no way to enjoy the present or strategise wisely for the future. Put that judgemental side of you away, however tempting, and work on accepting what is.

Right: The Hierophant

This is not the time to be overly creative. Stay within the line this week and stick to tried-and-tested methods. Can’t rein yourself in? Get a trusted mentor to review your work.

That’s it for the coming week! When in doubt, just take deep breaths and know this too shall pass.

If you would like more personal insights to move through a stuck situation, get a Tarot reading here or email for more information – clients based in Singapore have the option of in-person readings.


One response to “Your Weekly Forecast: 19 to 25 October 2020”

  1. Tarot reading is one of the best thing and it tells most of true about our life. I always trust on tarot reading and thanks for sharing this information.

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