Your Weekly Forecast: 26 Oct to 1 Nov 2020

This week’s collective Tarot reading seems to echo last week’s – review, learn and stay calm. There’s a rare Blue Moon coming up on 31 October that astrologers are saying is likely to cause unexpected change and uncertainty (hello, US elections!) and along with it, a good dose of anxiety.

But let’s keep our chin up. All we can do is keep a clear mind, put one foot in front of the other and take our cue from this week’s cards.

(From left)

Seven of Pentacles: You may have reached a pause point for a project (personal or professional). Don’t be impatient and rush to the finish line. Now is the perfect time to review all that you’ve done so far and decide how you want things to evolve. This is a progress card to let you know you’re doing a good job and to move forward with clear reasoning.

The Hierophant: You don’t have to try to solve all your problems on your own. If you’re out of ideas, turn to a mentor or a teacher (someone who can give grounded advice). Or if you need a little inspiration in your life, go take a class, shake up your routine and learn some new skills in the process!

The Hanged Man: This little guy here isn’t “stuck” – he’s choosing to be suspended, with grace and ease. An obstacle or situation may arise that ruffles your feathers. All you can do is your best and then let go of any expectations of the outcome. Things will unfold as they should. Be a class act throughout the madness.

That’s it for the coming week! If you would like more personal insights to navigate an issue, get a Tarot reading here or email for more information – clients based in Singapore have the option of in-person readings. Plus: I’ve added a new service to the list, an uber detailed forecast for 2021!


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