Your Weekly Forecast: 16 to 22 November 2020

Now that the US presidential elections are (sort of) behind us, it almost feels like we can start to breathe normally again! (But please, put on a mask when heading out to keep yourself and your community safe.)

This week’s collective Tarot reading is looking bright and positive (mostly) because of the appearance of the Sun, which is the most joyous card to receive in any reading. There are potential pitfalls as always, but don’t let them get to you too much.

From left

Seven of Swords: Beware of sneaky behaviour around you (or even from you!). It’s tempting to take a few shortcuts, take credit without acknowledging everyone who has contributed in one way or another or make off with too many cupcakes when the box is meant for sharing. Be prepared to call yourself or someone out if ethical lines are breached.

The Sun: Gosh the glorious sun! This card is a sign of joy, optimism, hope – basically all things good in the world. When his card appears, you can feel confident in proceeding with all important projects, contracts, new relationships or jobs. Bask in its warmth and comfort while you can!

Two of Wands reversed: Word of caution – just because the Sun is out doesn’t mean you can be reckless about your affairs. Planning is still crucial especially if you are looking to expand outside your comfort zone – such as starting on a new career or taking on a side project. Sometimes this card also signals a crossroads where you’ll need to choose between two paths – this week, you can base your decision based on the two earlier cards (Seven of Swords and The Sun). Choose the high road and go forth with confidence.


If you would like more personal insights to navigate an issue, get a Tarot reading here or email for more information – clients based in Singapore have the option of in-person readings. Plus: I’ve added a new service to the list, an uber detailed forecast for 2021 – learn what to expect for your job/finances, relationship and wellness and how to start things on the right foot after a shaky year.


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