Your Weekly Forecast: 30 November to 6 December 2020

After feeling the collective anxiety in the recent past, the cards for the coming week’s collective Tarot reading are such a breath of fresh air. New beginnings beckon and at the right time too, as we all start to set our sights on 2021.

From left

Ace of Wand

Aces signify new beginnings and positive news so I’m stoked to draw not one but two aces this week. Wands is the suit of passion, adventure and boldness. It could mean that you are going finally start making headway or get a breakthrough in a passion project, or find the courage to pursue a career you really love. An “aha!” moment may happen at work or in your relationships. Your idea may seem ludicrous but go for it and see where it takes you.

Ace of Pentacles

Someone bring out the celebratory horns. If you’ve applied for a new job or put in a bid for a new home, the Ace of Pentacles is saying to expect good news. You may even receive new opportunities for investment or building your business if you’re an entrepreneur. Pentacles is the suite of abundance and it may not just be money we’re talking about. Expect to feel fulfilled this week and remember to pay the good vibes forward!


Okay this is known as the Karma card. Have you been naughty or nice this year? :p You’re going to expect some “cause and effect” to show up – if you’ve acted in your highest good all this time, then there’s no need to worry. Another layer to this card is that you may find yourself having to make an important decision (would it be related to the Aces above?) that will impact your life. Weigh the pros and cons in the spirit of the Justice card.


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