Of Celebration and Surrender

Wow, it’s been over 1.5 years since my last blog post. I wasn’t intentionally ignoring this space… or maybe I was.

In my last chakragraph which I got from the immensely talented Jamie Homeister, she had said that 2021 would be a year of celebration. I wasn’t expecting the “celebration” to be quite as massive as an unplanned pregnancy (my third baby OMG)—she arrived Earth-side on New Year’s Eve.

It became clear very quickly that in addition to celebrating, the next other key lesson would be “surrender”. All the plans I had for pushing full steam with Tarot readings, getting my Reiki master training certification, creating more blog content and doing more writing (my day job)… they all had to be reevaluated. My physical body wasn’t having any of it. I had to take things slow and push jobs and readings away when they didn’t feel right.

As a city girl in hot steamy Singapore, the inaction led to resistance from the pits of my tummy. As prepared as I was for the jumble of emotions to arise, it wasn’t easy having to take things slow.

But the Universe has a way of forcing your hand, doesn’t she? 🙂 Through pregnancy (oh the fatigue was over the roof for a 38-year-old body) and the early months of my baby’s life, there was no other way to live except in reverence to each moment. To be still in the face of discomfort, content despite my conditioned reflex to reach and achieve… that has been my daily practice.

Amidst all of this, surrender also meant prioritising self-care—this has been the hardest but it is important as a mother to show the children what it means to “love yourself” and to demand for the time and space to be your own person.

But many months on, energies are finally shifting, and the baby is almost due to go to infant care. This means soon I’ll get up to speed once again working on more projects, readings and content. Sometimes I get ideas in my head in the shower that I promptly forget about the minute I step out! Boo.

Regardless, I honestly can’t wait especially to share more on this space and to connect with more of you. Till the next update!



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