e357908b-1962-4b86-a89b-f6581191df9cI’m a mother of two boisterous boys, writer and a “spiritual geek”. It was hard growing up and being conditioned to think that I was “too sensitive”. But thanks to some wonderful souls I’ve met on my journey, I’ve since embraced my ability to feel deeply as my superpower. Clients who experienced my Tarot readings have said the channeled messages gave them the clarity and courage to move forward with their lives.

I have extreme empathy for modern mums who get sucked in by a thousand demands from everyone every day; restless young folks who have no idea what the f**k they are doing with their career; and anyone who is ready to do the inner work for transformation but isn’t sure how.

In the midst of healing myself and rediscovering my purpose over a good part of my 30s, I have been grateful to rediscover my intuitive ability and to fall in love with the Tarot and Reiki.

As a service to community (and in light of the ongoing global pandemic), a portion of my Tarot reading fees is donated to charity. I’m based in Singapore but have done readings for individuals all around the world. Glad to report, feedback has been tremendously encouraging – read their testimonials here. I pride myself on delivering well-articulated messages from Spirit and readings that strive to inspire and empower.

Know this before you book a reading:

I only read for those aged 18 and above.

I do not read for pregnancy, health, legal/criminal/financial and Twin Flame matters.

I do not offer refunds so email me for enquiries if needed before you make a purchase.

The Tarot isn’t dark or evil by nature. It can empower you to co-create your best life together with the Universe.

Singapore-based clients who prefer a face-to-face session may also email or message me for more information.

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Got a question? Email me at hello@icedminttea.com. Singapore-based clients who prefer a face-to-face session may also email me for more information.


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