I have always been a storyteller by trade, through journalism, public relations and copywriting. Tarot reading—don’t be surprised—is simply an extension of my ability to relay the most pertinent truths amidst everyday chaos, sometimes outside of us but often within us.

My intuitive readings are a translation of cards drawn for you within the Tarot deck, or what I might call the greatest novel of life. Each reading reveals a chapter of your journey and its (often overlooked) nuances. Sometimes, a session presents fresh perspectives to mull over; it can also validate your instincts from deep within. The greater goal is to help you turn the page and take your next steps with ease, purpose and joy.

I’m based in Singapore but have worked with individuals all around the world – find their testimonials here. My penchant for feeling deeply (or being “too sensitive” as I was described in childhood) is now the driver behind readings that are constructed to help clients reconnect with the callings of their heart.

I am also an Usui Reiki 3 practitioner and offer distant or in-person healing to those who feel called to experience this healing modality. 

Know this before you book a reading:

  • I only read for those aged 18 and above.
  • I do not read for pregnancy, health, legal/criminal/financial and Twin Flame matters.
  • I do not offer refunds so be super sure before you make payment.
  • The Tarot isn’t dark or evil by nature. It can empower you to co-create your best life together with the Universe.
  • Most importantly, a Tarot reading (or any kind of reading) isn’t a magic pill that will solve your problems. But it can be your catalyst to make changes happen.

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Got a question? Email me at hello@icedminttea.com.