Your Weekly Forecast: 12 to 18 October 2020

As if 2020 couldn’t get more nutters, it’s time for Mercury in Retrograde once again! Get ready to tackle the week ahead with this collective Tarot reading.

Your Weekly Forecast: 5 to 11 Oct, 2020

It’s weird how I’ve been reading Tarot cards for years, but never felt the urge to do a collective reading before. Now seems like the right time however, what with all the crazy that’s going on in the world. What I should create: Six of Cups This card is all about joy and innocence andContinue reading “Your Weekly Forecast: 5 to 11 Oct, 2020”

Healing is a Haphazard Process, Here’s What I Learnt

Many a time, I hear friends go, “My stress levels are through the roof! It’s time to go for yoga and meditate!” I smile and offer some words of support. Of course yoga and meditation are great things to practise. But to truly feel better over the long run, there’s loads – LOADS – of inner work to do.

Parenting During a Pandemic is Effed Up and That’s Okay

For childless folks who are bemoaning the loss of freedom during lockdown (aka the Circuit Breaker in Singapore), allow me to gently break the truth to you. Your misery is nothing compared to being confined in an apartment for two whole months with a couple of active preschool boys. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

Things That Make the Covid-19 Lockdown More Bearable

Being in a lockdown is tough. The challenge gets multiplied when you are confined in a 108sqm apartment with two crazily energetic preschoolers while having to manage deadlines and chores. Here are the things that have made the stay-home order less painful.