Why get a Tarot reading?
A Tarot reading can be a life-changing event. The moment you open your heart to receiving perspectives from the Universe is when you start shedding beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you—a liberated you is one who can live a more joyful and more empowered life.

Do you do face-to-face readings?
Yes, I do for Singapore-based clients. Email me at hello@icedminttea.com for more information. To save everyone time on commute and if we don’t live in the same country, a virtual session on Google Meet is often an ideal option. For quicker turnaround, a recorded video reading is also a great option. In fact, listening/watching to the recording every now and then can be a very healing experience.

Are you “accurate”?
I relay damn good advice from the Tarot. My intuitive readings have empowered many clients around the world to take steps to improve their circumstances. Read Testimonials.

Can your prices be lower?
There is a lot of energy and time that go into each reading, and my quoted fees are a fair exchange for that.

What if I don’t like the reading?
As a messenger (reader), I take no responsibility for how a client feels or thinks about the cards. The rule of thumb is to take what resonates and leave all else behind.

Do you offer refunds?
No. However, in exceptional cases, I may donate the whole of a client’s fee to charity.

I’m worried I’ll get “bad cards” in my reading…
There are certainly cards that may be unsettling, but I choose to see them as opportunities for reinvention. Also, remember that the future isn’t set in stone and you have the free will to make changes to your life to mitigate any potential negative outcome. Last but not least, I frame messages from the Tarot cards in a positive and empowering manner.

I don’t have a question in mind. Can I get a reading anyway?
Of course! We will then ask the cards “What does the universe want xxx to know right now?”.

I’m depressed. Can a Tarot reading help me?
A Tarot reading is not a magic pill for solving any problem—it does however offer perspectives that you may not have considered before or nudge you closer to seeking professional therapy. If you know or suspect that you have clinical depression, anxiety disorder or any other mental health condition, please seek psychiatric intervention immediately.

Can you tell me if my ex still loves me?
I often prefer to read from the perspective of the client who has given permission for an energy read. Otherwise, we may run the risk of intruding the energetic privacy of others. Try reframing the question, “What are the chances of our getting back together?” or “How should I move on from this relationship?”.

Will the Tarot cards tell me if I’ll get pregnant?
The best way to read a pregnancy is by peeing on a stick. In all seriousness, yes, it is possible to read into the chances of a pregnancy. However, the preference is to reframe the question in a more empowering way, “How can I improve my chances of getting pregnant?”. Please also note that a Tarot reading should also be taken as a complement to professional medical advice.

Why did you name your business Iced Mint Tea?
It is one of my favourite beverages in the world, given that I live in Singapore where it’s hot and humid all year round. Also, I’d like my services to offer cool respite amidst the crazy chaos that we are faced with right now on a global scale.

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