Generally speaking, great questions for a Tarot reading are those that help you understand your situation on a deeper level and unearth constructive suggestions on how to move forward.

Bad questions (there are plenty of them) usually stem from a victim mindset and the belief that your destiny is set in stone – fun fact: it isn’t. A Tarot reading is supposed to help you co-create your future with the universe.

Also, only ask questions that pertain to yourself and not someone else. Peeking into someone else’s life without permission is simply a no-go.

Examples of good questions (open-ended, forward-thinking, constructive):

  • How can I advance my career?
  • What is my life purpose?
  • How can I improve my finances?
  • How can I strengthen my marriage/romantic relationship?
  • What is keeping me from walking my highest path?
  • How can I best address a certain issue (e.g. politics at work, frequent disagreements with a loved one, etc.)?

Examples of bad questions (victim mentality, passive, looking back):

  • Who did my boyfriend cheat on me with?
  • Will he come back?
  • When will I get married?
  • Will I win the lottery?
  • Did I make the wrong decision in breaking up with him/her?
  • Tell me about my future. (too broad, not focused, too passive)

But you don’t have to get too worried about phrasing your questions in a perfect way. I’m here to help every step of the way.

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