Your Weekly Forecast: 5 to 11 Oct, 2020

It’s weird how I’ve been reading Tarot cards for years, but never felt the urge to do a collective reading before. Now seems like the right time however, what with all the crazy that’s going on in the world. What I should create: Six of Cups This card is all about joy and innocence andContinue reading “Your Weekly Forecast: 5 to 11 Oct, 2020”

Top Tarot Myths Busted

Like many people, I had my misgivings about the tarot before. But I believe it’s high time to set the record straight on what the tarot is, and isn’t.  Also, free reading at the end of the post. Myth #1: Tarot tells you the future Fact: This is complete nonsense. Even the most highly regardedContinue reading “Top Tarot Myths Busted”