Your Weekly Forecast: 19 to 25 October 2020

Energies for the week appear to be big, judging from the three Major Arcana cards that popped up for this collective Tarot reading. This is an opportune time to “lie low” and work on yourself. Let this week be a quiet one.

Your Weekly Forecast: 5 to 11 Oct, 2020

It’s weird how I’ve been reading Tarot cards for years, but never felt the urge to do a collective reading before. Now seems like the right time however, what with all the crazy that’s going on in the world. What I should create: Six of Cups This card is all about joy and innocence andContinue reading “Your Weekly Forecast: 5 to 11 Oct, 2020”

Top Tarot Myths Busted

Like many people, I had my misgivings about the tarot before. But I believe it’s high time to set the record straight on what the tarot is, and isn’t.  Also, free reading at the end of the post. Myth #1: Tarot tells you the future Fact: This is complete nonsense. Even the most highly regardedContinue reading “Top Tarot Myths Busted”