“I found the spread interpretation to be very accurate to my situation. It’s clear that I need to work on my clarity in order to honestly communicate it. I actually really liked the frankness. It shows confidence and often times people just need the hard truth without any sugar coatings.”
Rachael M.

“I liked that the reading did not give absolutes, but possibilities. I also liked the advice card at the end. I also liked that given all the numerous questions in the info I gave, you were able to narrow it down to one very focused question. I especially liked the suggestion for a vision board to help me focus on what I want is important to me and to inspire me to take action.”
Cynthia J.

“This was completely helpful thank you so much. I loved how descriptive the reading was… it’s the most descriptive reading that has given me the most clarity.”
Alondra O.

“Hi Meiyan What a lovely reading… you concentrated on the positive, reading what you wrote made me feel good, a lovely start to the morning. It also gave me confidence – you are right I need to concentrate and look for other ways to deal with situation. A few things hidden deep down, I know something is wrong ( you picked up on the situation). The reading was light hearted and left me feeling good. Clear consistent communication throughout.”
Teresa F.

“The reading was spot on. I feel like it helps me.see things from a different perspective.”

“I really appreciate that you answered the exact question I asked – I was nervous about giving so much detail about my situation because I wondered if you would answer a different question based on the information I gave. I also appreciate that you used those extra details to understand what the cards were telling us about my main question. As a result of this reading, I will be more diligent on working on my business so that at 1 year, I will have a good view into whether I can make it a go at this time or not. Thank you!”
Melissa A.

“Thanks very much for your reading. I like straightforward. I have often been accused of being too direct. You were able to identify all my feelings in your reading. It was also clear. You are really great as you “read me” well.”

“This was a really lovely reading. I love the spreads that you chose, how you reflected back to me what I was asking, and how you broke up my reading into two parts that made it easier for me to process and digest. It’s been really helpful. I love that I felt your care and compassion from your written message across the world. Thank you.”

“Wow, thank you so much Meiyan for all of your help. I feel like your reading definitely resonated with my current situation, and it was spot on. It felt right to me!”
Melinda L.