Your Weekly Forecast: 12 to 18 October 2020

As if 2020 couldn’t get more nutters, it’s time for Mercury in Retrograde once again! This Murphy’s law season will last for about three weeks starting 14 October (in Singapore). Be prepared for communications (personal and electronic) to go a little wonky. If tensions mount, take a breath and don’t react impulsively – well, we should do this all the time anyway! 🙂

It does make perfect sense that all 3 Tarot cards drawn for the coming week are in reverse . Ho, ho, ho. Buckle up and enjoy the read!

Nine of Wands reversed: It’s been an exhausting year and you’ve almost had it with everything and everyone around you. Don’t give up just yet if it’s a goal worth fighting for. Sometimes this card in reverse points to paranoia, believing that you have a target on your back when it isn’t so. If this is you, get a sanity check with a trusted friend.

Two of Swords reversed: You may experience some confusion or indecision this week (no surprises here) when it comes to making choices. Don’t rush into things blind. Instead, review (double- and triple-check) and evaluate the information that you have before proceeding.

Ace of Swords reversed: Your judgement is in question this week (sounds like a broken record by now), and you may find it difficult to get mental clarity. For instance, you have a new idea for a project or business but can’t seem to crystallise the concept sufficiently. Or there are just too many possibilities swimming in your head that it’s hard to focus on what you really want to pursue. If it gets too much, shelf these thoughts first and come back to the table when you feel more ready.

Now do you feel more ready to tackle the week ahead?

If you would like more personal insights to move through a stuck situation, get a Tarot reading here or email for more information – clients based in Singapore have the option of in-person readings.


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