Your Weekly Forecast: 5 to 11 Oct, 2020

It’s weird how I’ve been reading Tarot cards for years, but never felt the urge to do a collective reading before. Now seems like the right time however, what with all the crazy that’s going on in the world.

What I should create: Six of Cups

This card is all about joy and innocence and recapturing the carefree feelings of childhood. Think about the memories you are creating in this current season of life. Will you be able to look back in fondness and smile at these moments? This is an invitation to choose our actions and responses mindfully and with a positive frame of mind. You will thank yourself for this later on.

What I can release: Ace of Cups

The Ace of Cups here evokes contentment and peace. Are there people, things and situations in your life that are stirring up turmoil within you? Put some distance (mentally and physically) between you and them at least for this week to re-centre yourself.

Lesson: The Devil

The Devil is not some ostentatious monster that you can see or touch. It literally stands for the weaknesses of humans – greed, fear, addictions – that we all inevitably fall prey at times in our life. Have you been subconsciously repeating certain behaviours that are self-sabotaging? Are you staying in a toxic relationship because you don’t think you deserve better? Are you making decisions out of fear (such as of failure) rather than love? Put this devil (whatever form it’s taking) in the cage now so you can grow as a person.

Did the messages resonate? Have a wonderful week ahead before Mercury Retrograde hits again in the middle of October! And if you haven’t yet done so, sign up for the mailing list here to get a 1-card Tarot reading tailored to your question.


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